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With more than a decade of collecting data from billions of questions answered across 90+ disciplines, we’ve learned a lot about adaptive learning’s impact on student performance. Boost confidence and better prepare students for success with SmartBook 2.0 – Connect’s adaptive learning solution. When typing in this field, a list of search results will appear and be automatically updated as you type.

  • Planning mitigates crises by dealing with crisis situations before they reach crisis proportions.
  • Forward-deployed Navy forces are often times the nation’s first responders to events requiring military response outside the homeland.
  • Our redesigned team-based structure, along with other organizational changes, are now in place to better respond to employee feedback and improve the employee experience.
  • Our goal is to help our clients understand complex accounting and tax issues, maximize cash flow and minimize their tax liabilities.
  • Smartbooks use processors that are relatively powerful and energy efficient.
  • There are no front lines at sea and no fortified positions by which one can control the territory.

The maritime domain also contains social, economic, political, military, and legal components. About 70 percent of the world’s surface is covered by the oceans and seas. Naval forces operate from the deep waters of the open ocean to the generally shallower waters fronting the coastlines of the continental land mass and large offshore islands. About 50,000 large ships carry approximately 80 percent of the world’s trade. Each year 1.9 billion tons of petroleum, or some 60 percent of all oil produced, are shipped by sea. Some 75 percent of the world’s maritime trade and 50 percent of its daily oil consumption pass through a handful of international straits. There are some 4,000 ports involved in maritime trade, including 30 so-called mega-ports.

The sea or ocean area is invariably abandoned by the victorious side regardless of whether the opponent was completely defeated or not. Sea control means that more or less by the destruction of the enemy fleet one can accomplish tasks without serious opposition from the enemy. The Rapid Response Planning Process is an accelerated execution of MCPP geared to Crisis Action Planning. The R2P2 process allows the MEU/PHIBRON to anticipate potential missions, create a set of standardized responses through analytical decision-making, and rehearse their responses to achieve full capability within six hours of receipt of a warning or execute order. Usually students don’t read the course content assigned to them. But, when you require SmartBook, they read the material.

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Requires accounting experience, QuickBooks and NetSuite proficiency, and attention to detail. The long battery life of a smartbook is because of the processors used. Smartbooks use processors that are relatively powerful and energy efficient.


Must have experience in small business payroll management. At SmartBooks Accounting Solutions, Inc. our accounting, bookkeeping and advisory services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Over the years we have worked with many Philadelphia area businesses and individuals. We take the time get to know each of our clients personally so we can really understand the goals for their business, their individual financial needs and their plans for the future. Our goal is to help our clients understand complex accounting and tax issues, maximize cash flow and minimize their tax liabilities. Manage day to day payroll administration, respond to employee issues, serve as a subject matter expert on payroll topics, and assist with implementing new clients to SmartBooks.

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The Marine Corps organizes its operational forces as Marine Corps components and as Marine Air-Ground Task Forces in order to provide task organized, self-sustaining, multipurpose forces to the joint force or naval expeditionary force. These uniquely organized Marine Corps forces are capable of responding to a wide range of operational and tactical missions and tasks, providing an unmatched combination of deployment and employment options. In the end of March 2010 the smartbook made an appearance at FCC again, this time listing its 3G capabilities. According to FCC, the device will support GSM 850 and 1900, as well as WCDMA II and V bands. These WCDMA bands may indicate the usage in AT&T network in the United States. Details of the product is now available on the HP website. In November 2009 Pegatron said it had received a large number of orders for smartbooks that would launch in early 2010.

Part-time, work-from-home position for a payroll specialist. Will support multiple clients with their payroll administration needs, respond to employee issues, and assist with new client onboarding. Need previous experience managing payroll and benefits. Manufacturers of smartbooks have produced them for a wide range of uses. Added features might include global positioning system technology, e-book reading capabilities, a customizable interface or dedicated media player options. Smartbooks would have been powered by processors which were more energy-efficient than traditional ones typically found in desktop and laptop computers.


The JFC’s estimate of the operational environment and articulation of the objectives needed to accomplish the mission form the basis for determining components’ objectives. The JFACC uses the JFC’s mission, commander’s estimate and objectives, commander’s intent, CONOPS, and the components’ objectives to develop a course of action . When the JFC approves the JFACC’s COA, it becomes the basis for more detailed joint air operations planning—expressing what, where, and how joint air operations will affect the adversary or current situation. Expeditionary maneuver warfare is the Marine Corps capstone operational concept. It applies the doctrine of maneuver warfare to Marine Corps expeditionary operations to achieve desired effects across the spectrum of conflict. Expeditionary maneuver warfare focuses on the application of expeditionary military power at the right place, at the right time, and at the right level. Army must be manned, equipped, and trained to operate across the range of military operations, large-scale ground combat against a peer threat represents the most significant readiness requirement.

It boasts the portability of a smartphone with the convenience of a netbook. Other features include SmartBooks a long battery life, always-on capability and third-generation wireless connectivity.

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Engage with a small team of accounts to deliver services to company clients and supervise bookkeeping and accounting tasks, apply knowledge of GAAP and accrual accounting. The work-from-home accountant will handle AR and AP activities, make journal entries, prepare financial statements, manage month-end closes, and provide client solutions. The remote-based accountant will work with the team on journal entries, AR and AP, financial statements, month-end closes, and providing client solutions. Qualified candidates must have small business accounting experience. The part-time payroll specialist will support clients, manage payroll administration activities, and address employee issues. Requires payroll and benefits exp. with small businesses.

However, the reality of working for them is that the work never stops. Unless you love checklists, grumpy customers, unreasonable expectations, and auditing, and consistently working over 60 hours per week, with no promotions or raises… The company falls far short of delivering that they promise. The Genesi company announced an MX Smartbook as part of their Efika line in August 2010.It was originally priced at US$349, and some reviewers questioned if it was small enough to fit this definition. It is ostensibly a derivative of the above-mentioned Pegatron design. Qualcomm was expected to announce a smartbook on November 12, 2009 at an analyst meeting.A Lenovo device concept was shown, and announced in January 2010.

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It is not obtained through the permanent presence of one’s fleet. There are no front lines at sea and no fortified positions by which one can control the territory.

Deliver accounting services to clients and assist with various bookkeeping tasks in this full-time role. Must have accounting experience for small businesses and a background working for a CPA or accounting firm. Work remotely and join a small team of accountants, deliver services to company clients, supervise bookkeeping and accounting tasks and identify and delegate client tasks that will support members. Accountant needed for a full-time, remote position. Responsibilities include working as part of a small team, delivering accounting services to a group of clients, performing & supervising bookkeeping & accounting tasks, and meeting assigned goals.

  • The work-from-home accountant will handle AR and AP activities, make journal entries, prepare financial statements, manage month-end closes, and provide client solutions.
  • SmartBooks’ Goal is to become the most valued and most referred provider of bookkeeping and controller services to small and midsize businesses in New England.
  • Our SmartBooks Program is a bookkeeping service designed to free up your time.
  • In September 2009, Foxconn announced it is working on smartbook development.In November 2009, a Quanta Computer pre-production Snapdragon powered sample smartbook device that ran Android was unveiled.
  • A journal that is able to keep our ideas, memories and dreams safe from unexpected damages and the passage of time.

Planning mitigates crises by dealing with crisis situations before they reach crisis proportions. MEU3 is the third edition of the MEU SMARTbook, updated for 2020 with 34 pages of updated/additional material and a return of the original GBC plastic-comb binding. The Marine Expeditionary Unit SMARTbook is designed to be a reference for MEU and PHIBRON Commanders, MEU and PHIBRON staffs and the commanders and staffs of the Major Subordinate Elements and Naval Support Elements of the ARG-MEU team. The free ReadAnywhere app lets students access their required reading and assignments, anywhere, anytime, across devices – even offline.

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The Marine Expeditionary Unit SMARTbook helps to generate tempo and staff synergy in time-compressed situations through the use of “playbooks” for rapid planning and templates for efficient briefings. The Marine Corps Planning Process is the basis for MEU staff planning. Planning is the art and science of envisioning a desired future and laying out effective ways of bringing it about. In war, planning can be essential to the ability to seize the initiative. In order to seize the initiative, we must be able to anticipate events and act purposefully and effectively before the enemy can.

The Lightning Press is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business DOD-approved vendor and federally registered — to include the SAM, WAWF, FBO, and FEDPAY. We can accept both Government Purchase Cards (GPC/GCPC) and Purchase Orders.All orders to the federal/state government and military units are TAX FREE. The Air Force conducts operations along a varying scale of military involvement and violence, referred to as the range of military operations . Airpower exploits the third dimension of the operational environment; the electromagnetic spectrum; and time to leverage speed, range, flexibility, precision, tempo, and lethality to create effects from and within the air, space, and cyberspace domains. From this multi-dimensional perspective, Airmen can apply military power against an enemy’s entire array of diplomatic, informational, military, and economic instruments of power, at long ranges and on short notice. As the nation’s most comprehensive provider of military airpower, the Air Force conducts continuous and concurrent air, space, and cyberspace operations.


Give your students what they need SmartBook 2.0 – a personalized learning experience they can now access on their smartphones or tablets with the free ReadAnywhere app. Help your students study when it’s convenient for them – anytime, anywhere, even offline.. Thank you for your review and appreciate that you enjoyed the collaborative environment and team-based approach to growth in your early days with SmartBooks. Smartbooks tended to be designed more for entertainment purposes than for productivity and typically targeted to work with online applications. They were projected to be sold subsidized through mobile network operators, like mobile phones, along with a wireless data plan. HR help, SmartBooks has a solution to support your small business.

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“Other companies have shown Android mini-laptops they call smartbooks, with chips from Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor that have ARM processing cores. PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. FlexJobs was a great resource in my remote job search! I knew the jobs I was looking at were all with legitimate companies, which allowed me to focus on finding the right fit.

Different companies manufacture smartbooks that focus on a wide range of uses, from e-readers to media player devices. Whether you need just bookkeeping help, a full back-office operation, or the guidance of how to set up the right systems, processes and metrics to grow your business, we’ve got a solution that will help ease your stress. And our a la carte pricing model empowers you with the flexibility to select just the services you need today-and the scalability to grow with you tomorrow. As a client service-based business, we understand that our employees are our most important and valuable asset and strive to find the optimal balance between doing the work for our clients and also working on ourselves. We can only offer the superior client experience that we desire by listening to, training and supporting our employees.

The power of the processors enables the smartbook to run applications that a smartphone generally would not be able to. Decisive action is the continuous, simultaneous combinations of offensive, defensive, and stability or defense support of civil authorities tasks. Army forces conduct multi-domain battle, as part of a joint force, to seize, retain, and exploit control over enemy forces. SmartBooks Software is a company specializing in research, development and sales of accounting software products. While clean books are a must-have for small businesses, owners need much more financial support than that to make key decisions in real-time to keep their business thriving. “And what about the new 3G-capable Netbooks — which Qualcomm had dubbed “smartbooks” — appearing at Computex from Asus and upstarts like Mobinnnova which are tied to the ARM processor and sold through telecommunications providers. Seeking a payroll specialist for a part-time, partially remote position responsible for coordinating and managing payroll information, updating records.

Inventors of smartbooks have hoped that consumers will enjoy the portability and convenience they offers. Smartphones might be too small for extended web surfing and many computer-based applications, and netbooks require booting times and offer minimal battery life. With a smartbook, a person can simply power on and get right to work. Navy forces demonstrate the nation’s resolve and intentions from international waters. Forward-deployed Navy forces are often times the nation’s first responders to events requiring military response outside the homeland. An operation is a sequence of tactical actions with a common purpose or unifying theme.

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